CPU AMD Launches Phenom X4 965 II 125W

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[AMD Launches CPU X4 Phenom II 965 125W] CPU AMD Launches Phenom X4 965 II 125W

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com - In August and marks the 'birth' latest AMD desktop processors, Phenom X4 II Black Edition 965. Now the latest revision of the processor that comes, with new features.

One new feature is the max. TDP is down from 140W to 125W. What's the benefit? Thermal design power (TDP) represents the maximum power consumption of the CPU when running applications with heavy loads. The smaller the number, means the processor could be more cool and efficient work so that the temperature will be lower casing and aspirated power goes down.

So does this make the CPU performance to be better? Check hothardware.com reports that have done testing.

Typically, the CPU revision can improve the ability to overclock. And this applies to the AMD chip. With the CPU core voltage of 1.5 V, a stable overclock to achieve 4.12 GHz or higher than 300MHz overclock the 3.8 GHz Phenom II denan achieved X4 earlier revision 965.

Benchmark SiSoft SANDRA 2009 also showed a good performance. II Phenom X4 successfully offset Intel Core I5 and get a good score on the multimedia benchmark.

Hothardware also run PCMark Vantage benchmark. Most tests also multi-threaded so it can utilize the additional resources offered by quad-core CPUs. In this test Phenom X4 II 6814 incised overall score, which is higher than the original revision.

In conclusion, despite the revision does not increase chip performance AMD quad-core 3.4 GHz, the price of this chip becomes more attractive, ie U.S. $ 195.(Kompas.com)

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